Practical information

Audit Session organization:

  • Duration : 1 day
  • Place: Paris area (France) or your location upon specific quotation.
  • Cost: 2400 € HT plus travel cost if done outside of the Paris area

The cost includes:

  • The terminal audit with CNA experts.
  • The technical report of the audit.
  • The registration of your terminal in the CNA registered terminal list.
In order to prepare this audit session, you can find a kit for audit including test cards and SAM on the Calypso Webstore .

The Calypso Networks Association (CNA) has established a Calypso Registration Process, to increase the visibility of Calypso compliant products.

This registration applies to a terminal, a card reader or a OEM reader (the equipment) with its software compliant with Calypso rev 3.1. It is not a full certification but a simple audit of the equipment's capabilities and does not guarantee in any way that the equipment audited is fit for any purpose or devoid of defects.

The goal of the audit

The audit aims to assess the existence of the equipment and that it passes a set of relevant functional tests with the purpose of:

  • Verifying that the equipment manages a Calypso portable object (detection, reading, modification).
  • Verifying that the equipment correctly manages the Calypso transactions, by implementing the Calypso recommendations for terminals.
  • Verifying that the equipment recovers from common communication errors.
  • Assessing qualitatively the performances of the equipment for a simple transaction of validation.

The audit day is a great opportunity to ask any question regarding Calypso specifications.

The goal of the audit is not:

  • To certify that a terminal is fully compliant with the Calypso Revision 3.
  • To certify a ticketing application software for specific usages of the terminal.

The registration process is not only intended as a control of the equipment, but also as the occasion to help Calypso manufacturers to design and improve their products.


Any manufacturer or supplier of OEM reader, terminal, or system that manages Calypso Revision 3.1 portable objects may apply for a terminal registration. The company applying for registration of a product does not need to be a Calypso licensee.

Calypso Audit Process

Step 1

It is wished to register a terminal.

Step 2

Download the audit documents .

Step 3

Request an audit .

Step 4

Optional order test cards and SAMs .

Step 5

Audit of the product.

Step 6

Audit result: granted or not granted.

Step 7

If granted: registration of the product on the CNA web site.