From 1st September 2021, the terminal audit process is temporarily replaced, waiting for an actual certification based on a technical evaluation which will be available in 2022.

The temporary process, described below, is not a certification.

It is based on a declarative procedure for terminal manufacturers, based on Calypso Layer requirements (document pdf 200423-CalypsoLayerRequirements (1.69 MB) ).

The procedure unfolds as follows:

  1. The vendor:
    1. downloads the documents available on the Terminal Registration Documentation page;
    2. reads the detailed description of the process (document pdf 210603-GU-CalypsoLayerEval-Process (411 KB) );
    3. fills the registration form (document document 210607-FT-CalypsoLayerEval-Registration (173 KB) );
    4. sends it by e-mail with the order for the administrative fee (the amount and e-mail address are indicated in the process description document pdf 210603-GU-CalypsoLayerEval-Process (411 KB) ).
  2. CNA sends an Information Conformance Statement (ICS) form to the vendor (ICS example: document 210601-FT-CalypsoLayerEval-ICS (243 KB) ).
  3. The vendor fills the ICS form and sends it back to CNA.
  4. CNA's Evaluation Committee:
    1. analyses the vendor's ICS;
    2. proposes to CNA the registration of the terminal.
  5. The terminal is added to the Registered Products page.

This ensures that the vendor is aware of the requirements and that he commits himself to taking them into account.



Calypso terminals should also apply the Reader Layer requirements and the Ticketing Layer requirements.